Strengths & Weaknesses

Qualities – Taurus is known for their connection and dependability. Kind, reliable and minding, they will dependably give some assistance, constantly arranged to push others forward when they stall out. Aries is gallant and is viewed as the most grounded indication of the zodiac. Surging forward without dread, prepared to go up against any test or fight that comes their direction, these people won’t clutch the past and flounder over things that are dead and gone. They comprehend methods for the material world which makes them great budgetary guides and bank representatives. Decided and solid, constantly arranged to persist over the long haul, they will do anything to satisfy their cherished one.

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Shortcomings – The best shortcoming of those conceived with the Sun in Aries is their stiff necked attitude. The combine of horns they bear on their head won’t let them surrender without a battle and this makes them diligent in getting things they don’t require any longer. Not knowing how to stop, they can get to be distinctly rigid and excessively glad for their own particular great. This is an indication of physical love and debauchery associated with our material reality.

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The component of Earth can make them lethargic, static, tenacious and excessively connected to material belonging. A smidgen possessive, on the off chance that they fear losing somebody, they have a tendency to wind up distinctly genuine control-cracks that can’t unwind. At the point when their limits are shaken and they feel dread or outrage, they will demonstrate their touchiness and need nuance to determine the current circumstance. On the off chance that they figure out how to keep their tranquility through testing times, there is truly nothing that will stop them on their way.